Do you need to hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit trek?

The abode of the 8th highest mountain, Mt. Manaslu is filled with happenings and offerings. Few of its offerings involve majestic peaks, huge valleys, rich culture, diversified vegetation, and filled with natural resources. Manaslu Trek, which lasts for 14 days, is the excellent itinerary to unravel all those experiences of the Manaslu Region. But, as you may know, you cannot do solo Manaslu Circuit Trek. You need to hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek. A license holder guide is a must. 

Why Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide?

Manaslu Region is a restricted region by the government of Nepal to safeguard its natural and cultural beauty. This government initiative aids in preserving the region’s loaded flora and fauna. On the other hand, the area of Manaslu is isolated and undiscovered. Hence, the government has made it mandatory to have a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

This blog comprises all the important information regarding hiring guides for the Manaslu Manaslu Trek via Tshum Valley and also the porter who carries the load during the trek. 

Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

You must hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will not get trekking permits for the trek if you do not have a guide with you. Guide must be a government license holder and trained as well. If they are from the Manaslu Region, that will be even better. The government of Nepal has categorized the Manaslu Region as a restricted region. Government has taken this measure for the better preservation and conservation of the natural diversity of the immaculate Manaslu Region. Hence, foreign tourists are not permitted to travel to the region freely. They must be in a group of minimum two trekkers with a licensed guide. 

Benefits of hiring a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Navigation of the trail will become much more comfortable. 
  • Assists in searching for accommodation and providing information about foods.
  • Better communication with the locals
  • Explanation and briefing regarding the locations and prospects on the trek. 
  • A guide will be your friend in needs and emergencies. 
  • A guide can supports you in avoiding altitude sickness 
  • The entire trek becomes more meaningful and unforgettable 
  • A guide provides you ideas and support during the trek. 

Hire a porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

It is your choice to hire a porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek, since it is not an obligation. A porter is someone who will carry your loads and backpack during the trek. If you think your bag or loads are very heavy for walking, you can hire a porter. 

Otherwise, you can just carry your backpack and walk with your guide. Unlike a guide, a porter is not imperative for the trek until you need it. It is all your choice to hire a porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek or not. 

Benefits of Hiring a Porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • A porter will carry your loads in every part of the trek. 
  • You can just enjoy trekking instead of bearing heavy loads in the high altitudes. 
  • A porter will assure your things are protected. 
  • A porter lets you connect with the location. 
  • A porter makes your journey a bit unchallenging. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide Cost 

A licensed trekking guide is a blessing for a trek like Manaslu Circuit Trek. The guide will direct you the right way, find your lodgings, manage your food and water,  provide information about the people and locations and other important responsibilities. 

Simply, a guide will make your whole trek a great experience. You have to pay them for the service. A licensed guide costs about 30 to 35 USD each day for Manaslu Circuit Trek. The wage includes the costs of meals, accommodation, and insurance for your guide. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Porter Cost 

Porter carries the load which you could not take during the trek. You will hire a porter only in the situations your body cannot bear your backpack and stuff. In such cases, hiring a porter can be a savior. Instead of a demanding trek, you will have an easier walk in the Manaslu Region. 

The porter costs about 20 to 25 per day; the wage involves their food, lodging, and insurance expenses. You can also hire a porter cum guide. The person will guide you together with the trek and bear your baggage or loads. It could be a choice if you want to make the journey budget. A porter cum Guide can cost you about 25 USD per day. 

Things to consider to hiring a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek 


Go for expertise when hiring a guide or a porter for the trek. If your guide is not a professional and has no or less experience, the service might not be good. Your guide should be good at communication abilities. Likewise, your guide should be a professional in managing and handling things. Only a proficient guide can have such expertise. 


Your guide and porter must have licenses for what they are doing. The government of Nepal provides licenses to aspiring guides and porters only if you have a qualified guide. Thus, make sure you are getting a licensed guide. The trekking guide should not be illegally involved at all. Therefore, only the licensed guide and porter are more trustworthy and expert.