Day Tour


Nepal is one of the major touristic destinations of the world and is also said the paradise to tourists and adventure lovers. Starting from being a part of the exotic peak expeditions to going on the exciting tours, Nepal has many more to offer -to its visitors. One of the demanding and exciting stuff to do in our country is to be a part of thrilling one-day tours which gives you an opportunity to view some of the famous places of our country.

Some of the demanding one-day tour packages in our country are Kathmandu One-Day tour, Pokhara One-Day tour, Lumbini One-Day tour, Nagarkot One-Day tour and you will also get an opportunity to go on the short one-day turs which rewards you with the magnificent sunrise and sunset views. You will get an opportunity to explore the ancient history and culture of the people living in Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Pokhara and on other famous cities. Apart from that, you will be doing the sightseeing of some of the famous places of our country. We, as a team assure you that we will provide you lots of fun and adventure in a single day and at a limited budget. Feel free to be a part of our exciting one-day tour packages and let our professional guides charm you with the natural beauty of our country.