Trekking Guide For Upper Mustang Treks 

Get a Guide for Upper Mustang Treks in Nepal with Himalaya Sunrise Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. It is compulsory to hire a guide for restricted trekking destinations in Nepal. Restricted Trekking regions of Nepal are Upper Mustang, Manaslu Circuit, Upper Dolpo, Lower Dolpo, Nar Phu Valley, Tsum Valley, and Kanchenjunga. Furthermore, it is Nepal Government’s strict law. 

For these restricted trekking in Nepal, you must have to hire a guide from the government trekking agency. Hiring a guide and porter for the Upper Mustang Treks or any region of the Nepal of the Nepal Trek is not it’s not a big problem but should ask if they are working from the registered company or independently. Due to this, few guides or porters are working independently in Nepal and are unlikely to have insurance and you will have to negotiate a price that involves their lodging and food. 

Bringing a guide along can add enjoyment and a safe journey, since they are more well-informed and proficient. You are expected to pay USD 25 to 40 per day for the guide that includes their food, accommodations, equipment, wage, and insurance. 

Guide for Upper Mustang Treks – it’s compulsory 

The government of Nepal has made it mandatory to hire guides for all treks in Nepal. You must hire a guide for Upper Mustang Treks also. The reason why you hire guides in Nepal is for your safety since there will be many difficulties during the trek like unpredictable weather, slippery trails, vertical landforms or even death.

 To avoid these difficulties you must hire a guide who will ensure your safety in all the parts of the trek. Hiring a porter and guide adds entirety to the trek. As a guide take care of your routes, your accommodation in lodges and hotels, and porters support to minimize your laid of the backpack.

Our official guide/porters will come with complete insurance covered and well equipped. Hire a guide for your Upper Mustang Treks with Himalaya Sunrise Treks & Expeditions Pvt. and we can assure you the honesty and novelty of the guide and porter we provide. All in all, it is recommended that you take our official Guide for your Upper Mustang Treks without having to worry regarding all things and make your trekking experience even better. 

Do I need to hire a guide for Upper Mustang Treks?

Yes, a trekking guide is compulsory in Upper Mustang Treks since the region is a restricted area of Nepal. Not just in Upper Mustang, but other restricted areas like the Manaslu region, Nar Phu area, Kanchenjunga, and other areas also need a guide. 

Furthermore, trekking guides provide valuable advantages. They share historical perception regarding the area, support in decision-making, provide aid at the time you are unwell, secure the best accommodations, and ensure peaceful and enjoyable trekking experience. 

If you are planning to do Upper Mustang Treks, make sure to allocate a budget to hire a guide. If you want to get the best from the trek, you have to hire a guide who can assist you with all prospects, from obtaining special permits to cultural perceptions and logistical support. You can hire a licensed trekking guide on a daily basis. 

Cost of Guide/Porter for Upper Mustang Treks

Given that Nepal has few trekking trails that don’t need you guides. But it is important for the Upper Mustang Treks to be one with you. No matter what other travel companies inform you but hiring an expert guide is actually not at all costly for the Upper Mustang Treks.

 And the daily cost of this trek is comparatively the same as the other treks. The guide average cost is USD 25 to 30 per day and this already includes the accommodation, guide’s meals, and insurance. And you can also hire a porter for the Upper Mustang Treks. Hence, you should be aware of the cost of hiring a porter. 

It really is not that much different from hiring a guide because of the cost of food and insurance. You will have to pay the cost of USD 20 to 25 per day to a porter that is inclusive of accommodation, meals, and insurance.The difference in costs isn’t that big of a problem. But you should consider your own safety and experience in the area you’re about to head.

 People who have been there recommended to take an expert guide with you. An expert guide will also be a valid license received from the government. They have undergone hard training significantly in handling emergency circumstances and ensuring client safety. But it is entirely your decision and you’re under no pressure. It is your choice to be accompanied by a guide or not. 

Note: you will not be permitted at entry points if you are not accompanied by either of these two.