Mardi Himal Helicopter Return Trek

Is any trekker willing to get mini hill-climbing at the time of trekking in Nepal? MARDI HIMAL Helicopter Return Trek is the newly trending hike location of Nepal leaves the trekker’s footmarks at the upper viewpoint of a peak and walking by the green lush jungle. Trekkers can get the captivating and virgin witnessing of Nepal’s latest trekking trail. MARDI HIMAL Helicopter Return Trek is the best and most appropriate tours for novice trekkers who are willing to explore the stunning Annapurna Himalayas. There are a lot of trekking routes to do a glorious walking vacation in Nepal. Amidst these routes, the Mardi Himal trek route is the finest and most immaculate. 

Furthermore, the trail is still less crowded and pleasant. On the edges of the Annapurna Base Camp Trekking route, the trail provides stunning scenery of peaks. Furthermore, people hike on this trail to witness the amazing forest surrounding too. MARDI HIMAL Helicopter Return Trek is one of the secret gems at the time it comes to hiking in the Annapurna Region. Where most individuals would do the hike to Annapurna Base Camp, they have the chance to go all over the edge of the map and acquire off the beaten track.

 The Mardi Himal Trekking expedition takes trekkers to the base camp of Mardi Himal, right in the laps of Mardi Himal and Machhepurchhre, dubbed FishTail Mountain. During the MARDI HIMAL Helicopter Return Trek one will acquire the views without the crowds. Anticipate genuine teahouses, amazing rhododendron jungles and the most incredible views of the Annapurna Himalayas. The trekkers will be acquainted with enormous peaks like Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna South and Hiuchuli. 

The Mardi Himal Trek can be found beneath the watchful eyes of Machhapuchhre, Fish Tail Mountain, one of enormous peaks to be witnessed in the Annapurna Massif. During this trek, the trekkers will find a lot of stone houses, eccentric teahouses, and a lot of rock cairns. They can find routes of this hike just off the significant trail to the Annapurna Base Camp. This truth makes it a famous alternative to other hikes in the Annapurna Region like the Annapurna Base Camp Trek or the Annapurna Circuit Trek. After completing the Mardi Himal trek a return helicopter will take the trekkers back to Kathmandu from the Mardi Himal area.

Highlights of Mardi Himal Helicopter Return Trek

Even though the trail is new, it is getting much attention all over the world amidst hikers and trekkers. No wonder, both domestic and foreign hikers are making an analysis regarding hiking recently. 

Here is the list of the highlights of the trek:

  • Best view of Mt. Machhapuchhre 
  • Green lush diverse jungle 
  • Serenity and peacefulness 
  • Best vantage point 
  • Over a dozen peak views
  • Likely to do hike in less than a week 
  • Photographer’s paradise 
  • Scenic return helicopter ride from Mardi Himal Trek to Kathmandu 

The best season for Mardi Himal Helicopter Return Trek

The Annapurna Region, together with the rest of Nepal has 4 various seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The months from March to May and from October or November are the most famous for trekking this Annapurna classic. What must be said is that each hiking season provides its own excitement and atmosphere for trekkers. 

The normal peak seasons of hiking in Nepal are spring and autumn. Hence, trekkers are to arrange their tour to Mardi Himal for the months of spring and autumn. Monsoon season is the worst time to do trekking. Leeches, muddy trails, and a cloudy atmosphere create it upsetting for the hikers. During the winter season, the trail is slippery and very risky. Hence, the snow on the highlands and trail make it adventurous and also attractive too. Our advice for the amazing tour is either during the spring or autumn season.

Difficulty of Mardi Himal Trek 

Doing the Mardi Himal Trek can be demanding. But this doesn’t indicate that they cannot do it. If they like trekking and assure they begin to get fit well ahead of the beginning of the trek, trekkers can surely make it. The average Mardi Himal Trek is not challenging but hikers and trekkers should still me moderately fit. Most importantly, they are still hiking by the mountain ranges in Nepal. The trekkers must be cautious of the narrow valley and high hills. 

The route is entirely high ridges up till Upper View Point. Thus, it is not simple to walk some. Hence, the route is one of the simple trekking trails in Nepal. While in comparison to high-elevation places, it is easier to trail. For a physically fit individual, it is not challenging for this trek. Snow season can make trials difficult. Hence, at this time of the year, hikers must heed the instructions of the guide. Lots of crevasses can make it difficult and confusing. Therefore, it is not recommended to trek solo on the trail.