Is June Good to Trek in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal in the month of June is quite difficult since it is monsoon in Nepal. Summer is also a part of the monsoon season in Nepal. It arrives after spring and prior to autumn and is the summer or monsoon season in Nepal. The best season to visit Nepal is during spring and autumn. June sees a lot of rain with few occasional thunderstorms. The weather in June is quite demanding and unforeseeable. This is why trekking in June is often regarded as “off-season trekking” in Nepal. 

But with a great team leader and a team, it should not matter much. At the time of monsoon, the weather is tough to the higher altitudes. It is not advised to go trekking without any expert trekking guides. You will need somebody who knows the area and the changing temperature and climate there. If there is heavy rainfall, there is a high possibility of avalanches in most of the hilly region of Nepal. 

Since it rains almost daily, mostly at night, the trekking routes remain muddy and slippery. Due to the swampy roads and the soggy weather, a lot of leeches will try ruining your journey. Bug repellent and appropriate ointment will keep you detached from these notorious bugs. If you get lucky enough, you will get to see the glance of the snow-capped mountains in the daytime or in the morning. 

Due to the rainfall and warm temperature, the hilly region has a lot of blooming flowers in every corner and green. It is pleasing for eyes and adds a lot to the ambiance of the location. With the right tools and preparation, even this difficult trekking season can be conquered. So, if you are searching to trek in Nepal in June, few of the best locations to trek would be Annapurna Circuit, Upper Mustang Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek and Dolpo regions. 

Weather in Nepal in June 

Nepal experiences different seasons, Spring (Basanta Ritu), Summer (Grishma Ritu), Rainy or Monsoon (Barsha Ritu), Autumn (Sharad Ritu), Pre-winter (Hemanta Ritu) and Winter (Shishir Ritu). The month of June lies in the Rainy or Monsoon season or Barsha Ritu. 

In June, the highest temperature is  27°C and the lowest temperature is 19°C. So, the climate is hot and humid most of the time. You can anticipate showers almost daily mainly during night time with occasional thunderstorms. It is mostly cloudy during the day prior to it rains but after the rain, the sky is clear and sunny. However, the weather varies depending on the region. When the hilly region is experiencing extreme monsoon, the Himalayan region may not witness monsoon at all. 

Due to the consistent and heavy rainfall, trekking in the danger zones is not advised. Yet, there are a lot of trekking routes in Nepal and you can trek even in extreme weather conditions. Though the rainy seasons are off seasons for trekking, it is quite a time to enjoy the greenery. It is a great season for agriculture and the wild forest gets a sigh of relief from all the dust and provides us a cool climate while being in the forest. You will enjoy trekking in June because of these reasons. 

Some Tips for Trekking in Nepal in June 

Trekking in Nepal in June can be difficult due to many challenges like slippery trails, bad weather, chains of rainfall and thunder, risks of avalanche, landslides, and floods. Whatever the difficulties are, a good trekker always finds a way to tackle them and do things with grace. 

If you are thinking of trekking Nepal in June then here are some tips which may be helpful to you. Have a look, 

Start early 

Mornings are clear. Hence, it rains almost daily in the evening. So, if you start early, you can reach your destination before it begins raining. 

Solo Trekking: Is it a Good plan?

If you are thinking of solo trekking on a new trekking trail, it’s better that you change your mind. June isn’t the best time for solo trekking in Nepal. Some sections of the trials may be prone to landslides and avalanches. Or you can get injured on the trial. So, you cannot risk your security by trekking solo. Instead, trek with a guide or in a group. 

Additional Days Needed or Not?

Weather at most of the trekking areas is changeable in June. Hence, you should anticipate a wet environment and unforeseeable weather difficulties. The means of transportation (flights or buses) can be delayed due to bad weather or natural disasters like landslides and floods. So, it is everytime good to have a few additional days while you go trekking in the month of June. 

Carry Insect Repellant 

If you are allergic to insect bites, insect repellent is the first prospect that you should get while trekking in monsoon. At most of the trekking trails, trekkers may get leech bites. You don’t have to get any ointments or creams for that, a pinch of table salt will do. So, carry some of it. 

Rainproof Gears and Raincoats need to June

One who walks in the rain must carry a rain cover. When trekking, purchase rainproof clothes, shoes, backpacks, and also a plastic rain cover for your loads. You have to safeguard your body and your trekking gears from getting wet in the rain. 


Escape drinking water from a natural source. In monsoon, water sources can be contaminated. So, bottled waters are best. But if you have to drink tap water, make sure you use water purifiers before you drink it. Carry bottles of water filter to escape drinking sands and muds filled in the water.