Is July a good month to Trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is possible all year round due to the diversified land topography. That is true for the month of July also. Although not the peak trekking season, trekking in Nepal in July is completely possible. The monsoon rain and the charming greenery in everywhere make unique Trekking in Nepal. July is a monsoon month in Nepal so nearly all parts of Nepal see rainfall not including the rainshadow regions.  

So, July is the best time to discover the rainshow area of Nepal that has dry weather with unaffected vistas. Apart from that, you can also trek in other trekking trails of Nepal but you need to make additional preparations with appropriate rain instruments and sturdy boots. The most famous trekking destinations do not see many crowds during this month. July has its own unique flavor-surprises of good and clear weather after rainfall, full rivers and waterfalls, and the lush green nature. 

Weather and Temperature while Trekking in Nepal in July 

July is mid-summer/monsoon in Nepal. Yet, most of the rain takes place at night or late evenings. The days are sunny and hot. The average temperature in Kathmandu in July is hot around 20-28°C or 68-82.4°F. The eastern part of the  nation receives the maximum rainfall at 600-800 in the month of July. Pokhara – the rainiest city of Nepal receives an average rainfall of around 900-950 in July. 

In July, it rains nearly day-to-day with infrequent thunderstorms in the evening. You can also expect persistent hail showers. Yet, the mornings are often clear with the great mountain vistas. The north-western part of Nepal is a large rain shadow area beyond the great Himalayan ranges. Here, the average rainfall is less than 50mm. 

The weather conditions also alter with the change in altitude and region. On the other hand, the temperature falls at the time it rains. For the most part at 2,000 meters, the daytime temperatures cross 30+ degrees. And at night, the average temperatures fall to 12-19 °C. The regular rainfall makes the environment green and lush. After the rain, you can also experience the actual lavish color of nature. 

Useful Tips for Trekking in Nepal in the month of July

Get an early start 

Begin your treks early in the morning. Most of the rain in the places in Nepal occurs in the afternoons compared to the mornings. Therefore, getting an early start supports you to escape most of the rain. You might be able to enjoy the rain and thunderstorms from the comforts of your tea house. 

Appropriate Packing 

Make sure you have the right instruments for trekking in Nepal in the month of July because it is important for your safety and also comfortable experience. This involves things such as a waterproof backpack, insect repellent, appropriate boots. 

Avoid Solo Treks 

In the month of July, there are not many trekkers on the routes, so you can’t ask for directions or assistance easily. Even the most well-maintained treks can get covered by mud or washed off by the rain. Therefore, you need to hire a guide or trek with more expert trekkers in the month of July in Nepal. This is especially true of treks affected by the summer/monsoon season. 

Buffer Days 

Make sure you have a flexible trekking schedule or itinerary. In July, because of the bad and unforeseeable weather, you might face delays. This involves delays or cancellations on your flights, roadblocks. 

Stay updated on the weather conditions

Make sure to remain updated regarding the weather during and before your trek. You can do this with apps and inquiries to your guides, tea house hots and fellow trekkers and locals. This ensures you escape bad weather, bad routes. It also helps you better plan your trekking day – time to begin, end and so on. It also helps you understand when you experience the best vistas. 

Some of the Destinations provided by Himalaya Sunrise Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. for Trekking in Nepal in the month of July are:

1. Upper Mustang Trek  

2. Upper Dolpo Trek 

3. Rara Lake Trek 

4. Nar Phu Valley Trek

5. Annapurna Circuit Trek (Upper parts of Manang)

What to Pack for Treks in July?

When packing for treks in Nepal in the month of July, you might need to consider making a few alterations to your trekking essentials. 

Some of the projects to keep in mind are:

  • Pack light, breathable clothing to handle unforeseeable rainstorm and humidity. If possible, select the quick-drying fabrics. 
  • This involves your trekking shorts, pants, and shirts. All these need to be light and breathable. If possible waterproof. 
  • Be assured to pack a thin down jacket and fleece bottoms for the evenings and nights.
  • Also include rain instruments like rain jacket with a hood, umbrella, waterproof boots with ankle support. This helps keep you dry. 
  • Be assured to pack salt with you in case you get bit by a leech. The trails will be leech infested in the lower regions. 
  • Also, carry dry back, rain cover for your baggage and luggage bag. This will help to keep your clothes clean and fresh. 
  • Also, carry trekking poles. It will help you with balance and assist when walking. 
  • Be assured to also carry water purification tablets or gels. This will help prevent the danger of water contamination during your treks in Nepal. In the month of July, the danger of water contamination is higher.