Travel Insurance for Visitors

Expeditions, hiking, trekking, climbing, and other activities are popular among tourists in Nepal. The majority of visitors frequently travel to Nepal to take part in a variety of activities and discover the Himalayan region. In terms of enjoyment, it doesn’t matter where you go. The majority of people today are aware of making travel plans and packing things like a bag, clothes, jacket, equipment, and walking boots. However, you must also purchase travel insurance if you want to visit Nepal. Nepali trekking companies will offer you an all-inclusive trek package that includes food, lodging, a guide, a porter, and other services. However, the companies will not facilitate you with travel insurance for your Nepal trip.


Keep in mind that your travel insurance must cover medical expenses and the cost of an emergency evacuation. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance according to the place you are planning to visit. If you have a major mountain accident or fall ill with high-altitude sickness, you must select an insurance plan that covers the cost of a mountain helicopter rescue. The only way out of the mountains is by helicopter with an emergency evacuation team on board. In Nepal, an evacuation by helicopter could cost you around 4000-5000 USD. Remember that, the cost may vary from the height and rescue period.


Without travel insurance, the companies will help you travel or trek anywhere and are fully comfortable to help with anything.  But you need to know that you are still responsible for making payments even if you get sick, lose something, or cancel your vacation.  Prepaying for vacation insurance makes it possible to travel without fear or anxiety.