Nepal Trekking/Hiking Equipments

         FOR HIKING 

1:  Backpack (size depends on whether or not you have porters)1 pics and hand bag 1 pics 

2:  Hiking boots* (break them in beforehand) 1 pair

 3: Camp shoes (your reward after a long day) 1 pair

4: Wool socks (bring a few pairs of varying thickness)

5: Lightweight trekking pants 2-3 pics

6: Trekking shorts 2-3 pics

7:T-Shirts (lightweight wool is great) more then 3-4 pics

8: Underwear more then 5 pics


Cold Weather 

1:Long underwear/Wool thermals

2: Sweeter


4:Waterproof jacket and pants

5:Heavyweight pants for high elevations (also good for camp)

6:Heavy down jacket (can be rented in Kathmandu)

7:Winter hat

8:Winter gloves


1:Water purification (pump, tablets, or SteriPen; bring from home)

2:Water bottles (at least 3 liters total capacity)

3:Baseball cap (the sun is strong at all elevations)

4:Hiking poles (lessen the impact on your joints)

5:Sunglasses (essential when you cross snow line)

6:Head lamp with extra batteries

7:Reading materials (Kindle may be best)

8:Journal and pens

9:Camera with extra batteries

10:Daypack (for your rain jacket, snacks, camera, etc.)

11:Heavy-duty duffle bag (preferred by porters)

12:Gators (many people wear them but they are not mandatory)

Personal Supplies


1:Sun screen

2:Hand sanitizer

3:Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, floss, etc.)

4:Biodegradable bar soap

5:Face/body wipes

6:Biodegradable washing liquid

7:Throat lozenges, lip balm

8:Medications (Ibuprofen, others if necessary)