Best Trekking Season in Nepal

#Autumn (September -November)

The Autumn season is considered as the best time for trekking and tour in Nepal  which offers clear weather and magnificent mountain views.

# Winter (December-February)

# Spring (March-May)

# Summer  (June -August)


Nepal is the one of the best country for Trekking /Tour /Hiking /Rafting/Jungle Safari/Bungee /Paragliding and Climbing and many more. So, the best Trekking and Tour Season is generally  after falls and after the winter.  The following month mid of September to mid of December is considered the best ever season for trekking in Himalayas. During this period the pleasant climate condition having not so hot and not so cold weather makes perfect time for travelers to come Nepal and refresh their minds with crystal clear visibility of mountains. There is another best season of trekking in Nepal after winter when sun gets more warmer in spring time and trekkers may enjoy comfortable climate condition in the Himalayas. In spring season in Nepal many different types of flowers bloom, both trees and ground and it is also the best time to climb up peaks for expedition.